8 facts about the Maldives

The Maldives Islands in the Caribbean are one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world, and this beautiful place has paradisiacas vistas that can hardly be seen anywhere else in the world. If you are looking for a destination that, in addition to sun, sand, and a cozy summery climate have modernity and nightlife, then traveling to the Maldives is something you have to do at least once in your life.


In the following lines we will share some curious facts about the Maldives that you will surely want to know before traveling to this wonderful place.

8 – It is not a single island

The Maldives Islands in the Caribbean are a group of islands bathed by the Indian Ocean that were formed in the 5th century BC by Indian seafarers. Each of the islands that constitute the archipelago has a particular charm and can be distinguished from the rest with great ease.



7 – Ways to reach the Maldives

The main way to get to the Maldives is through an air travel of about 10 hours where you land at Male airport, from where you take a speedboat that is the means that will finally get you to your destination.



6 – Memories of the Maldives

Few people have the opportunity to travel to the Maldives and those who manage to do so take advantage of the trip to buy some souvenirs that can only be found on the islands. For this the official currency of the Maldives Islands, the Rufiya, is used, with which all commercial exchanges can be made. In addition, it is allowed to take postcards in almost every corner of the islands.



5 – No food or drinks allowed


The Maldives are jealously cared for so that no product or object is allowed to disturb the islands’ own ecosystem and / or to see the hospitality of their people threatened. In this way, no class of food or drinks are allowed so you need to get rid of them before reaching your destination as they will be confiscated anyway.


4 – There are different activities to be carried out

In its more than 200 islands that constitute the Maldives Islands there are a series of activities that can be developed during a tourist trip. Whatever you are expecting from a great vacation, you can find it in one of the destinations of the archipelago.


Deep sea diving and glass bottom boat trips are preferred by tourists from all over the world seeking contact with the Maldives’ own marine wildlife .



 – It is a warm region

In the Maldives it seems to be summer throughout the year, and the temperature of this region of the planet hardly descends below 30 ° C, even so, during the winter months it is common to see medium to high level drizzles by So if you want to visit this tourist destination during this season it is recommended that you have an umbrella at hand at all times.


2 – Cruises to the Maldives Islands


The cruises to the Maldives are quite frequent and, in fact, is one of the ways to reach the destination. There are also cruises that depart from the islands and allow to spend some days in them not so far from the coast in order to interact more closely with the dolphins that abound in this region.



1 – The Maldives are in danger

The climate change that causes the reduction in size of the polar ice caps and, therefore, causes the increase of the levels of the sea, put at risk to Maldives Islands since these are to only 6 meters above the level of the Sea and with the passage of time this height is becoming shorter.

If things continue as before, in a short time the Maldives will cease to be a tourist destination and will sink into the Indian Ocean. Not to lose one of the most beautiful tourist destinations on the planet is one more reason to face global warming.


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