Breathtaking 69m Saluzi Superyacht

Breathtaking 69m Saluzi Superyacht

The breathtaking superyacht Saluzi was built in 2003 by the Australian shipyard in Austal and has received a complete makeover in 2013 by Horizon Yachts. Miami based design office Luiz de Basto Designs were responsible for the luxurious interiors, including original and innovative features. Previously named Tia Moana, Saluzi‘s current name is based upon a mystical warhorse of Tang Dynasty Emperor Taizong. Artist Li Jiwei created an artwork of this mystical warhorse for the yacht’s exterior as “an expression of both East and West, a blending of spirituality and materiality.”

Across 1,650 sqm, the Saluzi features 16 spacious staterooms (previously 37 medium-sized staterooms), which consist of two master suites, 7 VIP cabins and 7 deluxe cabins. In addition to that, the superyacht offers an seemingly endless list of amenities: 280 sqm deck including cinema, living spaces, sundeck including two Jacuzzis, plenty of seating and dining areas, large gym and salon, entertainment system and – of course – an arsenal of water toys consisting of 2 Yamaha Cruiser FX Jet-Ski, 2 Yamaha GX Jet-Ski, two Hobie Cat Sailboats; two Cayago F7 Seabobs; one Cayago F5 Seabob; three wakeboards; two paddleboards; a surfboard; a knee board; water skis; a kayak with a glass bottom; fishing equipment; snorkelling equipment; floating pool and a waterslide etc. etc. – you get the idea.

Saluzi is available to be chartered via YachtZoo

8 facts about the Maldives

The Maldives Islands in the Caribbean are one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world, and this beautiful place has paradisiacas vistas that can hardly be seen anywhere else in the world. If you are looking for a destination that, in addition to sun, sand, and a cozy summery climate have modernity and nightlife, then traveling to the Maldives is something you have to do at least once in your life.


In the following lines we will share some curious facts about the Maldives that you will surely want to know before traveling to this wonderful place.

8 – It is not a single island

The Maldives Islands in the Caribbean are a group of islands bathed by the Indian Ocean that were formed in the 5th century BC by Indian seafarers. Each of the islands that constitute the archipelago has a particular charm and can be distinguished from the rest with great ease.



7 – Ways to reach the Maldives

The main way to get to the Maldives is through an air travel of about 10 hours where you land at Male airport, from where you take a speedboat that is the means that will finally get you to your destination.



6 – Memories of the Maldives

Few people have the opportunity to travel to the Maldives and those who manage to do so take advantage of the trip to buy some souvenirs that can only be found on the islands. For this the official currency of the Maldives Islands, the Rufiya, is used, with which all commercial exchanges can be made. In addition, it is allowed to take postcards in almost every corner of the islands.



5 – No food or drinks allowed


The Maldives are jealously cared for so that no product or object is allowed to disturb the islands’ own ecosystem and / or to see the hospitality of their people threatened. In this way, no class of food or drinks are allowed so you need to get rid of them before reaching your destination as they will be confiscated anyway.


4 – There are different activities to be carried out

In its more than 200 islands that constitute the Maldives Islands there are a series of activities that can be developed during a tourist trip. Whatever you are expecting from a great vacation, you can find it in one of the destinations of the archipelago.


Deep sea diving and glass bottom boat trips are preferred by tourists from all over the world seeking contact with the Maldives’ own marine wildlife .



 – It is a warm region

In the Maldives it seems to be summer throughout the year, and the temperature of this region of the planet hardly descends below 30 ° C, even so, during the winter months it is common to see medium to high level drizzles by So if you want to visit this tourist destination during this season it is recommended that you have an umbrella at hand at all times.


2 – Cruises to the Maldives Islands


The cruises to the Maldives are quite frequent and, in fact, is one of the ways to reach the destination. There are also cruises that depart from the islands and allow to spend some days in them not so far from the coast in order to interact more closely with the dolphins that abound in this region.



1 – The Maldives are in danger

The climate change that causes the reduction in size of the polar ice caps and, therefore, causes the increase of the levels of the sea, put at risk to Maldives Islands since these are to only 6 meters above the level of the Sea and with the passage of time this height is becoming shorter.

If things continue as before, in a short time the Maldives will cease to be a tourist destination and will sink into the Indian Ocean. Not to lose one of the most beautiful tourist destinations on the planet is one more reason to face global warming.


The 8 most romantic destinations you can find in the world

Love without doubt is one of the most beautiful feelings that exist. Around the world, in every country, in every corner of this planet, there are places where love breathes every hour and are characterized by the activities they offer to couples who visit it, a world to immerse themselves in fantasy And romanticism, is like starring your own fairy tale next to the person you love. Below you will know these ideal places to spend a romantic stay with your partner.


Isla Pasión , Mexico –


It is the ideal place to spend days alone with your partner, its delicate beaches and fine white sand make it a place full of romance, added to this, it is not a very frequented place, so you will find privacy And you will not be part of those places where the crowd of people will show you that intense love towards your average.



Hotel Best Western Ala in Venice, Italy – Venice is characterized by its beautiful temples, palaces, which give a symbolic to the unique city. But it also offers spectacular places for those in love who wish to spend a romantic stay in the city. Tour the city by sharing each moment with your partner, visiting restaurants with romantic dinners and an endless number of activities that you can do under the light of the temples that illuminate the city.




 Tour d’Argent in Paris, France – Known as the capital of love, Paris offers many romantic sites with spectacular views that you can choose to enjoy with your lover. This famous restaurant located next to the Seine, offers you a romantic dinner accompanied by an enviable view and the most delicious dishes you can try, without a doubt an offer you should consider in your next romantic vacation.



Spa Huvafen Fushi , Maldives – Staying in this wonderful place is a delight you can choose to pamper your partner. It contains a rich spa that is located under the water and offers you rich massages and relaxation sessions, accompanied by flavoring creams that will make your body and your partner as light as a feather and then enjoy the other activities offered the place.


Tunnel of Love , Kleven , Ukraine – It is a very romantic place that currently receives many visits from couples who want to confess their purest desires of love. Although it was once a railroad track for freight trains, it has now become a special place for lovers.



Niagara Falls , Canada – It is one of the most romantic places in the world, as well as being the place that American couples choose to spend their honeymoon, also receives visits from couples from various parts of the world, its landscapes and the perfect climate Which possesses, are the ideal key to make this place one of the most coveted by lovers.


New York , United States – When we talk about romantic places, New York brings together all those activities and sites that a couple should visit to spend the best days of their lives. Central Park becomes your biggest attraction for lovers, you have the option of taking a boat trip in the vicinity of the Bow Bridge. New York is a very romantic city that hosts important hotels that offer you the most romantic accommodations you can imagine with spectacular city views and an active nightlife that you can not help but enjoy with your loved one.



Santorini , Greek Islands – The architecture described this place is just magnificent, the sunsets that adorn it , make it one of the most romantic places in the world where you can demonstrate your partner all the love you feel accompanied by a perfect holiday.



Traveling with your partner can be the best adventures of your life, just for the simple fact that you are with the person you love and that you would always live by your side. There are many beautiful places around the world that offer you the best romantic stays you can imagine, accompanied by fun activities.

Rooms With a Different View – Aruba’s Alternative Accommodation


International hotels and high-rise resorts make for fantastic holiday relaxation but for visitors who really want to get away from it all, the Caribbean island of Aruba offers some unique, boutique alternative accommodation.

More readily associated with well-known hotel brands and top quality properties, this gem in the Dutch Caribbean will surprise many visitors its choice of smaller, charming properties, offering even more of a chilled escape.

With some just feet from the azure blue Caribbean Sea, others offering a simple budget break or comfortable privacy, the island’s diverse portfolio of accommodation includes cottages, villas, and bed and breakfast and studio rooms.

North Shore Cottage is a prime example: Built in 2007, this cute property is located on Aruba’s north shore and on the edge of a nature reserve. It includes one bedroom, with a queen-size bed, while two single beds and a toddler bed are provided in the loft area (additional foldaway bed and cot available on request).


Attractively-landscaped, the property is a five-minute drive from the main Palm Beach shopping and restaurant area and also include a modern kitchen, wifi, cable TV and sat-nav system to use in a hire car. Hammock, beach chairs and snorkelling equipment are also provided and there is a weekly maid service. Nightly rates are from US$95 (approximately £76);

For a cosy haven in a quiet, prestigious resident area – but just two minutes from the beach – try Aruba Cunucu Residence in the Westpunt region. This 100-year-old property was recently modernised and consists of three one-bedroom apartments, one two-bedroom unit and two studio apartments. All have air conditioning and there is a private swimming pool. Nightly rates from $168 (£134).

Meanwhile, Wonders Boutique Hotel is an adults-only haven for those who love to relax in casual yet luxurious surroundings, where a personal touch makes all the difference. The gated property has a pool, eight rooms with private bathrooms, and a private parking area. The atmosphere at Wonders is one of quiet enjoyment. The boutique hotel is located in a residential area within walking distance to island capital Oranjestad and close to one of the best beaches on the island. Rates from $99 (£79);

For a larger property, Aruba Beach Villas has 31 private villas, overlooking 400 feet of white sand beach in the north of the island, with spectacular sea and sunset views. Surrounded by palm trees, the villas have lush tropical gardens of flowering plants and grassy courtyards, with a choice of ocean, courtyard, and poolside views in studio, one- and two-bedroom villas. All villas have kitchenettes, showers, maid service, air conditioning, and 45-channel cable TV. Most have private decks or balconies and charming courtyards. BBQ grills, free cell phone, wi-fi, snorkel equipment and kayaks, and discounts on windsurf equipment rental. A swimming pool and jacuzzi are also available. Rates from $92 (£73);

For the budget-conscious, options include Aruba Blue Village, where prices start at $89 (£71) a night. Nestled in a quiet neighbourhood away from the crowds of the tourist area, the property is conveniently located just 10 minutes from downtown Oranjestad and five minutes from Eagle Beach. The property includes 29 junior studios, 17 one-bedroom suites, eight two-bedroom suites, and 45 long-term apartments. The property is tropically landscaped with two swimming pools, and also has a bar and restaurant, laundry services and a mini market.

The 9 Most Beautiful Beaches in Cuba

Despite its restrictions on tourism , it is fortunate that these have been eliminating, mainly with the United States, so it is time to give a review of the best beaches in Cuba.

Located right between the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, we find the beautiful Cuba, characterized by its beaches with totally white sands and an average temperature of 27 degrees Celsius, so here in unusual places we have created this little top about 10 Best beaches in Cuba , take a break and enjoy it.

Varadero Beach. It is probably best known as the most famous beach in the country, and it is not for less, since it has 20 kilometers exclusively of white sand adorned with beautiful coral reefs, in addition to having the most popular resort of the country.


Cayos Coco and Guillermo. 

Located in the Atlantic Ocean, they have the advantage of being little explored beaches, and one of its advantages is that both are joined by a crossroads created by man.


Cayo Coco


Playa Ancón. Considered a World Heritage Site because of its 19th century architecture, perfect for those looking for the colonial touch of Cuba



Guardalavaca. If what you are looking for in your holidays in Cuba are temperate waters and white sands you should definitely go to Guardalavaca, also has a great hotel complex, perfect for an incredible vacation.


Cayo Largo del Sur. A small island created almost exclusively for tourism , since there are no permanent settlements in this area, but that if it is completely alive for its wildlife, especially iguanas.



Cayo Levisa. 

A Premium site for diving and snorkeling, this area can only be reached by boat from Palma Rubia, approximately 146 kilometers from Havana.




Cayo Santa María. 

One of its great attractions is that the waters are at low depth, so you can easily see the marine life of Cuba.




Playa Santa Lucia. 20 kilometers of beach paradise, and above all natural, as it is one of the largest aquariums in Cuba.




Playa Esmeralda. Undoubtedly it is the jewel of the province of Holguín, despite having only 1 kilometer in its extension, is considered the most beautiful beach in the area.


Emerald beach


One Remedy for Perfect Skin and Hair That Everyone Has at Home

Even if you’re not a fan of honey, it is simply a must-have food in your kitchen. This ancient and extremely useful fare is a treasure trove of vitamins, minerals, and biologically active substances. Honey has bactericidal, moisturizing, soothing, and invigorating effects.

Wonderful Places has chosen the best and easiest beauty recipes for your skin and hair that feature honey.


1. For clear and spotless skin




Recipe 1. Apply a 1:1 mixture of cinnamon and honey to the inflammation area. Wash it off after 10 minutes. This mixture normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands, possesses an antibacterial effect, and improves your complexion.

Recipe 2. Squeeze the juice of half a lemon, and add 1 tsp of honey. Apply to clean and dry skin; wash off after 20 minutes. Do this 1-2 times a week. Apart from its effect on pimples, this mask will help narrow the pores and whiten and moisturize the skin.

Recipe 3. Crush 2 aspirins into powder, then add 4-5 drops of lemon juice and some honey. Mix them together, and apply to the troubled zone for a night. It’s best to cover the mask with a bandage. The morning after, the reddening will diminish quite a bit, and the inflammation will come up to the surface and heal faster.


Result: After using night honey masks, the girl in this photo saw results in just 2 weeksand was able to ditch artificial anti-pimple agents


2. For skin whitening and removing dark circles


You’re going to need 1/2 tsp of honey, 1 tsp of lemon juice, and 1 tsp of natural yogurt. Apply the mixture to your skin 1-2 times a week for 20 minutes. It’ll help you lighten an unwanted tan and pigment spots.

Moreover, you can remove dark circles under your eyes using the following recipe: 1 tbsp of honey, 1 tsp of fresh cucumber juice, and 1 tsp of potato juice.



Result: The lady in the photo was able to lighten her skin using a mask of honey, yogurt, lemon juice, potatoes, and baking soda


3. For glowing skin


Recipe 1. Mix 2 tbsp of honey and 2 tbsp of milk. Apply the mixture to your face with a cotton pad; wash it off after 10 minutes. This mask is an excellent moisturizer: it fills the skin with crucial vitamins and amino acids, increases skin elasticity, and aids with fighting wrinkles.

Recipe 2. Mix 1 tsp of honey and 1 tbsp of aloe sap. This is a universal recipe for nourishing and moisturizing any type of skin. If you are prone to peeling, you can add a few drops of olive oil to the mask.

Result: The girl in the photos did a face massage with honey for 5 weeks, and significant changes are already evident: lightened skin, even tone, reduced inflammation, and a moisturizing effect

4. For perfect non-peeling skin



A simple recipe for a facial scrubmix 1 tbsp of honey and 1 tbsp of oat flakes, massage into the skin, then wash it off.



Result: The girl in the photo recommends using a scrub made of honey, oats, green tea, and water for people with any skin type for its exfoliation, tone evening, and regeneration.


5. For soft and seductive lips


Mix honey, sugar, and olive oil, and give your lips a good massage. Then wash it off, and apply some caring balm. Alternatively, you can use brown sugar, honey, and Vaseline.



Result: Rub your lips with a moist toothbrush dipped into a mixture of sugar and honey for 2 minutes. Then wash the remedy off, rinse the brush, and scrub your lips again. After a single application, you’ll get the same result as the girl in the photo: your lips will get softer and stop peeling, and the cracks will heal.


6. For thick and shiny hair



Recipe 1: To nourish and moisturize your hair. Mix honey and 1 egg yolk in equal proportions, apply to clean moist hair, and keep on for at least 30 minutes.

Recipe 2: To nourish hair and make it shiny. Mix 2 parts honey and 1 part olive oil, spread on your hair, and rinse after 30 minutes.

Recipe 3: To make hair strong, shiny, and speed up growth. Reduce 2 bananas into a gruel, then add 1 tbsp of honey and 2 tbsp of coconut oil. Spread the mask evenly on your hair, keep it on for half an hour, then wash off with a shampoo.



Result: This photo presents the result of applying a hair mask with honey, banana, curd, and coconut oil, which makes the hair softer and thicker, nourishes it, and gives it a glow.


7. For scar whitening


Daily masks of honey, lemon juice, yogurt, and oat flakes applied for 5-10 minutes can speed up the healing process, lighten the skin, and prevent the formation of welts. The scars can also be treated with pure honey applied to the skin for the whole night; proceed with this treatment until the scars lighten.




As a result, the scar tissue will get smooth, and red scars will lighten like those the girl in the photo had.


8. For delicate hair removal



Mix 1/4 cup of honey, 1.5 cups of sugar, 1/4 cup of lemon juice, and 1/2 cup of water. Boil on low heat until the sugar completely dissolves and bubbles start popping to the surface. Cool the mixture, and apply to the skin where you want your hair removed. Then cover the area with a cotton cloth, smooth it out, and take off with a jerk.



Result: This sugaring performs a delicate hair removal, preventing ingrowing while also nourishing and softening the skin. Over time, the hairs become thinner, and you’ll be able to enjoy your new smooth legs for up to 3 weeks!


Preview photo credit depositphotos 





Kuoni Votes Sarojin’s “Waterfall Dinner” World Favourite Honeymoon Experience

The Sarojin is celebrating after its mesmerising Waterfall Dinner was named one of the top three experiences for honeymooners in the world by Kuoni’s Honeymoon Trends Report 2017, which launched recently.

Couples looking for a unique and intimate experience can enjoy the candlelit jungle waterfall private dinner, as part of the ‘3 Nights Luxury Honeymoon Package’. Also included is three nights’ accommodation, private return transfer, daily a la carte breakfast with sparkling wine for two people (available all day), one bottle of sparkling wine and flowers in room on arrival, one 90-minute Royal Oriental (Aroma) spa massage per person, as well as a Spirit Lantern release on the beach – all of which is delivered with a high level of personalised service. Extra nights can be added and are inclusive of the a la carte breakfast for two people.


The Honeymoon Trends Report 2017 also revealed couples are looking for the chance to give back to the local community during their honeymoon through responsible tourism.

With a strong, responsible community tourism ethos, The Sarojin’s new Responsible Tourism Package creates perfect opportunities for guests to ‘touch and feel’ Thailand, its people and way of life in a sensitive and co-operative way.


Guests choosing the package can learn a new skill and get closer to ancient Thai customs. The package is valid from now until 10th October 2017 and includes five nights, private return airport transfers to and from Phuket International Airport, daily a la carte breakfast with sparkling wine, as well as three excursions; the Street Food Cook for Kids Cooking Class Experience (Camillian Centre), a Glimpse of Local Life (1/2 day) and a Spiritual Blessing of Love. The package costs THB 52,400 / £1,165 for two persons sharing and inclusive of all taxes.

For more information about The Sarojin’s honeymoon packages, then please visit

Kuoni (01306 747008 or offer seven nights at The Sarojin, Khao Lak, Thailand in a Garden Residence, including breakfast, flights on Qatar Airways from London Heathrow and private transfers in resort. The price for September/October 2017 is from £1794 per person, based on two sharing.




A Dream Destination: Floating On Heaven At Huvafen Fushi

A Dream Destination: Floating On Heaven At Huvafen Fushi

Welcome to the ‘dream island’ – literally translated from the Maldivian language of Divehi as Huvafen Fushi


Huvafen Fushi is a quick speedboat skip from Male International airport. We were met with warm cheery resort staff, holding up a huge welcome sign, bursting into traditional song with beating Maldivian drums and were offered thirst-quenching cranberry coolers to settle into island life.


Huvafen Fushi


With hours of travelling taking its toll and jet lag starting to set in, we were ecstatic to be informed that no reception/foyer space exists here and that all check-in happens in the comfort of your room. And with that, a quick buggy ride meandered us through the lush sandy island, on to the wooden decked pier over a twinkling turquoise lagoon to drop us off at our overwater ocean villa.

With just 44 villas (both overwater and beach, some which lavishly feature swimming pools that reach inside your living space and flow through to the outdoors, along with indoor/outdoor tropical showers), Huvafen Fushi prides itself in offering the utmost privacy and exclusivity to its guests.


Huvafen Fushi


With rooms that are so incredibly spacious, couples that wish to spend some healthy time apart can easily do that. Our villa comprised of a mini bar with lounge and open glass floor to view marine life in the lagoon below, a massive bed facing a freshwater plunge pool and further out, the lapping ocean and then, a separate bathroom with twin wash basins, big hot tub (the perfect indoor antidote when travelling off season and you encounter some tropical rain) and when the humidity levels are high and you’ve got long, wavy hair, you’ll appreciate the high-performance, hair-smoothing hairdryer. If everything else doesn’t scream deluxe already, then the Aqua Di Palma shower products will seal the deal to make a statement. As you would expect from a resort of this calibre, rooms also feature Bose sound systems that even play when you’re in the bathroom and out on the deck. There’s also excellent Wi-Fi service everywhere you go.


When surrounded by natural Maldivian beauty and high specifications, Huvafen Fushi’sattention is fully turned to its guests and how to stay unrivalled against its competitors. The ratio of staff to guests is maintained at a high level of 5:1, allowing for you to have your very own butler, to ensure your dream stay is a reality.

We were lucky to experience a very dreamy, couples massage down at the highly impressive underwater spa. We eagerly descended into an aquarium realm to watch an abundance of sea life dreamily bob along in and out of the coral reef during our treatments and relaxed in a private pod with a soothing hot herbal tea afterwards.



Various activities are available if you wish to do more than daydream on the island. Snorkelling around the tropical house reef is an absolute highlight and must. As it circles the entire island, the condition and protection of the coral is of the highest priority and a marine biologist works to keep it that way. There’s also ray feeding every evening as well as diving and enjoying a day out on a Dhoni – a traditional Maldivian sailboat.

As a full-on foodie, experiencing great cuisine is another top priority and Huvafen Fushi ticks the box. Fresh pizzas bake in a wood-fired oven at the beachfront restaurant, Faglioni’s, healthy light, fresh yet high-on-flavour bites such as chilled gazpacho and crabmeat are served at Raw restaurant and cocktail bar perched over the sea, curries galore to feast on at the Maldivian-themed buffet served at Cass, which is also where breakfast spreads including masala omelettes, coconut water and avocado await. For authentic Indian flavours, there’s Cardamom, where a private chef prepares your tandoori favourites right in front of you and up to five of your guests.


Another highlight is the lobster champagne menu at Salt – another overwater restaurant. We tucked into seven indulgent courses paired with champagne and wines whilst overlooking the sea. Wine lovers and fellow foodies will also love Vinum, the seriously cool (literally and metaphorically) cellar with enough space to house 6,000 bottles and a large dining table at the centre to experience a gourmet menu with some sommelier selected, wine pairings. Hot stones are placed under your feet to keep you warm and cosy while you dine.



As we jetted off to next explore Huvafen Fushi’s hip sister property, Niyama, we clutched on to our memories of this enchanting dream island.

Huvafen Fushi – Where and How?

For more information on Huvafen Fushi, visit

By Reena Patel


See more of Huvafen Fushi in the gallery below






Woman Who Won $750m Lottery Prize Reveals Her First Move


Three-quarters-of-a-billion dollars. Overnight, Mavis Wanczyk of Chicopee, Massachusetts, US, became a millionaire like she could never imagine.

On Wednesday, the medical care centre worker, who’s aged 53, walked out of work to find herself millions of dollars better off.

OK, she’ll be taxed heavily – America taxes its lottery winners – but even then, she should take home $336,350,655 (£262,753,425). Mavis even stated that she’d be ‘very happy’ with winning just one million.

The huge amount of cash makes her now richer than the likes of Will Smith ($250m), Robert Downey Jr ($220m), Mick Jagger ($305m), Kanye West ($145m), Kim Kardashian ($175m), Katy Perry ($280m) and Leonardo DiCaprio ($245m).

She’s just $4m of having the same wealth as the man who nicknames himself ‘Money’ – Floyd Mayweather.



She bought her ticket at the Pride Station and Store, and all her number selections were pretty much random. Mavis is the winner of the largest single ticket Powerball jackpot in history.

So, what would the first thing you do after winning all that money? Book a holiday, buy a house in cash? Nope. Mavis had better ideas.

Mavis laughed: “The first thing I want to do is sit back and relax… I wanted to retire in 12 [years] and it came early.

“I’ve called them [her workplace] and told them I will not be coming back.”

Mavis added at a press conference: “I was leaving work at night. I leave with this guy, Rob, who’s a Chicopee fireman. He said, ‘I bet someone has won with these numbers as birthday’s’. I thought it’s never going to me, it’s just a pipe dream I’ve always head.

“He was reading these numbers and I was like, ‘I have these numbers’.”


Rob very kindly followed Mavis home to make sure that it wasn’t stolen from her and told her to sign the ticket.

She admitted she was ‘scared’ by winning the large sum of money but is happy to declare herself the winner.



She’s a single gal, who sadly lost her husband, William, in a hit-and-run crash last year as he waited a bus stop. She also has a daughter, 31, and a son who is 26-years-old.

William was a retired firefighter with the Northampton Fire Department. The man who killed William was charged with manslaughter while operating under the influence, motor vehicle homicide, and leaving the scene of a crash that caused a death.

“I want to be alone, and figure out what I want to do,” Mavis added. “I’m going to hide in my bed.”


Just got a dime taped to a letter in the mail!

That bed, undoubtedly, will be one of hundred-dollar bills. Sleep well, Mavis.

Featured Image Credit: PA

Mercedes Made A $1.7 Million Luxury Yacht That’s Not Like Anything You’ve Ever Seen


I’m sailing away, set an open course for the virgin sea–Styx, “Come Sail Away” (1977)

 The Arrow460-Granturismo Yacht

No matter where you live or travel, people associate the name Mercedes-Benz with luxury automobiles.  Ah, but what you may not know is that the German automaker is also the force behind what some insiders are calling “the most anticipated yachts”.  In fact, the Edition 1 model of the  Arrow460-Granturismo yacht premiere at the last Monaco Yacht Show.

“Boats To Build”

The sleek Mercedes-Benz vessel is presently priced at approximately $1.7 million. The original concept for this luxury sea vehicle debuted in 2012.  The company later joined forces with the yacht constructing company Silver Arrows Marine in order to make the ocean-going fantasy a reality.

This Is No “Leaky Little Boat”

Only 10 of the Edition 1 models were built.  The initial plan is to sell just one per country.  Here are some pictures of this rare vessel.
The yacht was nicknamed the “Silver Arrow of the Seas” as a tip of the hat to the 1930s Mercedes race car named the “Silver Arrow”.  

While some critics claim the yacht is small at 46 feet, they also admit that what the boat lacks in physical size, it more than makes up in design.

If you look at the yacht from the side, you might notice that the vessel looks a bit like a “saloon style car”, such as the Mercedes-Benz Model S-Class.

The boat features large, retractable side windows.  Additionally, it has a mobile windscreen.  The windscreen can be raised to allow your passengers to sit in the vessel while still taking in the sight of the surrounding sea.

The yacht comes with a 960 horsepower engine.  Thus, the boat can hit a top speed of 40 knots or (slightly over) 46 miles per hour. 

Plus, the vessel can reportedly accommodate a maximum of 10 passengers comfortably. 

The yacht also includes tables and beds that are extendable.  This allows one to make more space if need be.

The yacht also comes equipped with all the expected, modern amenities.  They include (but are not limited to) air conditioning, an ice maker, a sound system and wine storage area.  

Production has already begun on the Arrow 460-Granturismos.  If you happen to be one of the folks who ordered one of them, you can expect delivery later this year.  (No.  You cannot track it via UPS either.)